random thoughts on the fourth

  • I would encourage anyone to read 1776 by David McCullough – straight up the best book I’ve read on that point in time, the characters involved, and how decisions made in the course of one year can have such a tremendous impact downstream. America is great, but it wasn’t so clean, wasn’t so innocent, and the fight at hand was difficult, trying, and in many ways illegal. But necessary.
  • I took the kids to see ICE AGE 3 this morning. It wasn’t nearly as good as 1776 the book. Not even close.
  • Is it just me taking things too “personally”, or are the lines between “friends” and “followers” and “acquaintances” being blurred by social networking with Facebook and Twitter? I appreciate the connections I’m able to make with friends from the past. Most of them are genuine and sincere. But there are a few that seem to be following a whole new relational paradigm out there that says I can be your friend or not, be your follower or not, based on how much we agree or how much I can sell you through my ten-easy-simple-spam-steps. In other words, “what have you done for me lately?” or “what can you spend on my stuff now?” can be the main drives behind the “connections” on the fringe. Or maybe it’s not so new – I might be a bit naive on that front.
  • This is also the anniversary week for the Battle of Gettysburg. I was there last year, visiting in June ’08. It’s a powerful place, powerful story to take in. Decisions made there, like the ones in 1776 Colonial times, helped make us who we are today.
  • Burgers for dinner tonight, and then probably watching the Boston Pops while enjoying game night with the kids. We’re playing Trivial Pursuit and Apples-to-Apples. Any other suggestons for game night out there, family of four with 11-and-13-yr-old?
  • Happy Fourth – hoping for real freedom to grow around here, empowering us to be more than we think for causes higher than we can imagine.

2 thoughts on “random thoughts on the fourth

  1. Charlotte says:

    Try some Days of Wonder games. We love Shadows Over Camelot, Ticket to Ride (I prefer the Europe version), Pirates Cove, and Mystery of the Abbey. They are really pricey, but no more than taking a family of four to the movies with snacks these days. Visit daysofwonder.com.

  2. Rick says:

    Might check that out. We spent the evening looking for SCRABBLE SLAP, just for a fun quick card game to play while fireworks blew up on our TV. Thanks for the suggests!

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