• I don't blog so much anymore. Maybe I've run out of things to say? Naah, that's not it. I Twitter too much probably, but it's only in 140-character-at-a-time bites.
  • I'm watching the History Channel documentaries on WW2 and D-day today. It's amazing to me how many folks were united against a common cause, laid it all down, some losing life and limb. "Our side" won, and maybe that clouds the gravity of what was done in the name of freedom. If "we" had lost, would their lives have meant any less? I don't think so.
  • Trace and I mowed and cleaned up in the front yard this morning before the humidity moved in. Or so I thought, until I came in to wipe the river off my face. I sweat a little when it's warm out.
  • I lost twenty pounds over the last three months. I said, "There's still a long way to go" – doctor said, "At least you didn't gain that twenty". Touche', doc. Touche'.
  • Maybe my blogging time has taken a hit not for a lack of something to say, but a lack of time to put together a coherently together chunk of something worth writing down. Like this post, for example.
  • GriddleI think I'm going to try pork chops on the griddle this evening. We've done lots of pancakes and breakfast foods, and one night with steak-um sandwiches that turned out pretty good. Pork chops will be the first time I've made a real entree, I think.
  • Facebook is one of those places where I can feel old, but feel good about it with all the new reconnections with folks equally old and memorable.
  • I think my blogging has also taken a dip because, honestly, I might not need it as much as before. It's always been an outlet for me to get off my chest what needs to get off my chest. I've never really written for an audience, but it's been more about my own exercise in self-preservation than anything. If this hypothesis is true, then either I've worked through it all, or I've gotten over myself…. Naah, that's not it.
  • Vicki and Cam have been at ice skating this morning, coming home soon after running some errands. It's good and quiet here with just me and the boy. But I miss the girls.
  • One more thought on my lack of blogging: I'm more concerned with how any "message" I might have is going out once it leaves my hand/mouth/pen/keyboard. It's difficult to explain in black and white pixelated text how I've changed, what I'm thinking, what I hold to be good and true. So I hope I'm more open to that coffee and dessert that you want to share, more open to a conversation at the table than a diatribe on the web.

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