monday monday again again

This has been another atypical Monday. Last week it was the holiday, and today it's  been a sickly child. I'm hoping this is the last of our late-spring romp through sinus infections. I took Cam to the pediatrician this morning, got her checked for all the usual suspects (i.e., strep or UTI), and we got the IMG_0524 relatively good news that it was a bacterial sinus infection. Got our prescription, stopped at Sonic for kids' meal chicken strips, and came home for afternoon naps.

And let me just say: Monday can save its reputation if there's a way to install full-on afternoon naps. Would increase productivity by relieving stress and reducing angst. Just a thought.

I'm spending the evening listening to the Gamecocks play ECU in the Elimination Game of the NCAA Regional – right now, SC 6 – East Carolina 0. I'm also reading Robert Wolgemuth's She Still Calls Me Daddy, a follow-up to the book that opened my eyes to daddys and daughters (I'm sorry, but the word "daddy" doesn't look right pluralized with "daddies", does it?). I'm enjoying it so far – written more to dads with older almost-out-of-the-house-getting-married daughters, he still has some sage advice and thoughts for fatherhood across the board. We're also starting to read Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk, where we're learning that the relationship is a better goal than obedience and compliance. It's funny how much we rely on "just obey because that's what you're supposed to do" as a way to train up our kids. I'm hoping we learn something meaningful and longlasting in both of these.


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