week in review

It's been a long week. I know I probably think that too often, say that too much – but honestly, it feels like time just drags sometimes. The calendar goes by fast, but living out the minute-to-minute, day-to-day still takes seems to take a long time. Lots going on at work, where the workload is actually evening out a bit after being so full here recently. School stuff for Vicki and the kids is heading downhill to summer vacation. So for all that, I think we're actually calming down, and it's a good thing.

D34_1680 The highlight was STAR TREK last night with Bruce & Debbie. We had a nice conversation-filled dinner at Arizona's, where I enjoyed the fried talapia and chips. Then a 7pm showing of the new film – it is really wonderful when a really good story is in the hands of a master storyteller.

IMG_0482 Now we're enjoying a peacefull chillaxing Mothers' Day afternoon. After making pancakes for Vicki's breakfast in bed, we went to Mom's for the family lunch and birthday celebration for sister-in-law Kim. Now, we're watching the PGA implode with no one wanting to winThe Players Championship, I'm getting some projects out of the way, and we'll settle in for America's Funniest Videos later on before school night bedtimes.

All in all, for as long as the week seemed, as slow as time can appear to be crawling, it's been a good weekend. I'll be well-rested-ish getting back to work tomorrow, and hopefully it'll move faster this time around.


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