ten minutes

It's ten minutes to ten p.m. as I begin to type this post. It's been such a long day, such a full week for only three days, that these ten minutes might be all I have left in me before just really needing a good night's sleep. I'm so tired, and the things that pile up in life can be just so overwhelming. Being drained like that can't be good for any of them actually getting done, actually being addressed. So I'm going to get out from behind the PC, get out of the finish-this-up-and-move-on-to-the-next-thing mode, and find the soft cool underside of the pillow.

It took just two minutes to type that last paragraph. Time is relative, isn't it? Vicki's grandmother passed away yesterday. Ninety-one years old, long long good life. She lived more than two of me. I think about what "time" was like for her in these last years. And I wonder what "time" is like now, after that transition, after living out a goodness here for so long. We have no concept, do we?

Five minutes into my ten minute thing. American Idol is going off with two of the contestants getting voted off tonight. Wonder what their concept of "time" is tonight? Can they take the short ride on this show and translate it into something more expansive? Something more lasting?

Six minutes. It's hard to write for ten minutes straight. I think it's my exhausted state of being. Wimping out at seven minutes. Too tired to change the title. Goodnight, both of you – thanks for reading.


One thought on “ten minutes

  1. vicki says:

    you always make me smile… LYMI

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