asking myself

Just a quick question to myself: Is it a lack of motivation that keeps you from doing/being what you know is needed, or is it an over-abundance of lazy?

Really, you don’t need to read this one, both of you. This is just me. I can wait for you to scroll on down to something else.

Specifically, I’m thinking in terms of following Christ. Not just church-stuff necessarily, but more along the lines of growing in that relationship and actively “working out your salvation with fear & trembling”. Working it out – maybe that’s the problem, with too much of a legalistic tone heard from Paul’s words and preachers’ pulpits. So you slide away from anything legalistic.

But without speedbumps on that slide (funniest thing on that new show, along with the co-worker from Bennetsville, SC), you end up sliding too far too fast, maybe. There’s a place where being intentional about anything feels like pressure, and you avoid pressure.

Are you – I mean, am I listening?

I think the balance is struck in Love, somehow. It’s the HAVE to versus the WANT to versus the GET to. You feel like if you HAVE to do something, then you don’t really WANT to, and your motivation melts. But if there’s a switch to a GET to – I get to serve, I get to learn, I get to share – then that’s a good place that is it’s own ultimate motivation.



One thought on “asking myself

  1. jeremy says:

    Gladiator: Scene Five/Six… (not sure if the pertinent conversation is tagged at the end of five or the beginning of six)

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