more “a” for the “q”

There are three questions leftover from last weekend's "q&a" post. Wanted to approach them civilly, with honesty & integrity, while relaxed and properly caffeinated. Shall we?

"What childhood song do you, surprisingly, still remember the words to and find yourself singing every once in a while?"Craig

This was an issue this week, so I'll be honest and just share what happened. Thursday morning – I think it was Thursday – I had an earworm, a song stuck in my head with no knowledge of where it came from, how it got there, and when it would stop replaying itself in my consciousness. The song? "Take A Chance On Me" by ABBA. It's not "every once in a while", but I just couldn't shake it. Finally, The Killers on headphones drowned out the Swedes – in a good way.


Well, honestly – why not?

"In Luke 12:9-11, Jesus discusses 'the unforgiveable sin.' What is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit and how does that relate to [sic] Calvanism?"Steve

What is the predomination with Calvinism in these questions? What's up with my buddies and their theological bents? A great take on "the unpardonable sin" was given during the Questions? Series at church, so I point you there for a good listen (go to the media page and scroll down to #6 for that particular one). Basically, it means ultimately saying "no" to the Holy Spirit with the ultimate I-don't-care hardened heart. And if you're asling about it, if it concerns you at all, then you haven't gone there – at least not yet. As for it's impact on Calvinism, I think it's a cross subject. It's not about who's been chosen by God and who's not necessarily, but more about your choice of Him.

Think that's all I've got for this round, boys and girls. I'll fall into a writers block hole again and toss it out, "ask anything", and we'll do this again. I thank all the participants and the bored readers who've come this way. Happy March, and have a nice day.


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