coffee. good.

[the questions post lives on]

Why is Coffee so good?
Mr. Harmless

Well, Mr. Harmless, it's magic, really. Tiny coffee elves all over the world roll up the best beans, the best spices, the best caffeinated accompaniments, and blend them together to make what we like to call "Life Juice".

A better question might be, "why is coffee bad?" For that, I would have to say it's a lack of magic at inopportune moments in time:

  • Burnt
  • Old coffee left in the pot
  • You're in the Navy
  • No Keurig

Any of these things can lead to bad coffee, something the world can do without.

So bring back the magic. Thank an elf. And have a cup of coffee. Can you bring me one while you're up?


One thought on “coffee. good.

  1. Mr. Harmless says:

    Thank you for clearing that up.

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