monday morning

IMG_0221 One of the things I take advantage of on business trips is the ability to get up early, wake up slowly and take my time in the morning. My wakeup call was 5:30am, and my iPhone alarms started going off about 5:15am. I sleep with the curtains open so I can see outside, because on one fateful morning in San Juan, I couldn't.

I woke that morning to an alarm, to a 6am wake-up call, and then rolled over for "just a couple more minutes" before being rudely awakened at 8:30am by co-workers calling from the lobby wondering where I was. Fastest shower-and-get-dressed I've ever had and we were out the door by 8:45, but I learned my lesson. If it's still dark outside and after 5am, I need to get up, move around and not take advantage of "just a couple more minutes."

On a lighter note, I enjoyed the Grammys last night for the most part. Decidedly old school, and I have enjoyed throroughly the albums from Coldplay and from Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. So I didn't buy any new iTunes pieces – already have them, will pop them into on-the-go today for any shuffle time I might get.


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