the new laptop

IMG_0201 My wife loves her new pink Dell laptop. I think she appreciated it when she received it, but finding out that Penny on BIG BANG THEORY has one, too, made it all that much more enjoyable. I only mention it (1) to have something new to post, and (2) to state that I just made the first payment on it with Dell. It's been an adventure – took TWO MONTHS for the PC to be delivered. TWO MONTHS. The service reps were very nice on the phone, very cordial, overly kind in tell me each time we chatted that it was STILL not ready. TWO MONTHS after ordering it as a Christmas present, it was delivered as a mid-January present instead.

We did get a $100 gift credit to use in the Dell Store. Wonder how long it'll take to ship the next order?


One thought on “the new laptop

  1. TeacherDave says:

    Unrelated: Curious about your reaction to this last episode of Smallville. I’ve…ranted a bit on the blog. Feel free to comment.
    …Which i typed on a laptop. See! Related…tangentially.

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