There's something inspirational about the transition of power in USAmerica. I would hope that regardless of the vote, each American will be able to watch a piece of the events transpiring today and catch a bit of the awe, the pomp and circumstance, the change that is underway symbolically and, hopefully, in reality around here.

We're home for the kids' "snow day" – I have to use those little finger air-quotes when I say "snow" to describe what's falling here today. I've flipped the TV from the Today Show to CNN, mostly for the reason that NBC was focusing cameras on talking heads and CNN, while still talking, shows more of the sweep and depth of the crowds, the cityscape, the history. Here at home, the sun is trying to come out. White mini-flakes are still falling from the sky.


Some twitterers are sniping at the perceived over-hype of this particular Inauguration, of the networks' attention to minutiae. I would hope that there would be this same attention given had this been an incoming McCain administration. But it's not, and in many ways, it's more than just "my side won". One of the pundits this morning said this was the "end of us and them". While I'm not naive enough to think that's completely true yet, I do hope the mindset inside the beltway is changing significantly right now. I hope it changes in the twitterverse as well.

I'm not a sentimental soul often. Chicken Soup For The Political Soul isn't on my nightstand. But historic moments like this, whomever is leaving office, whomever is moving in – these moments should mean more to us as a nation. I'm hopeful that this is a good precedent moving forward.

Just had a short conversation with my daughter before she headed upstairs to annoy her brother.

"Do you know why this is historic?"
"Because he's the first African-American to be President."
"Do you know why this is important?"
"Sort of."
"It's not necessarily because he's different that makes it important, I don't think. It's because we're coming to realize that he's not different, that he and I and your mom and all of us are the same in lots of ways. That's what makes this special, that any of us can do what's right, can work to do something special."


3 thoughts on “change.

  1. Donna says:

    Sorry, there’s no freakin way today would have been the same had it been Inauguration Day for McCain — the media would have seen to that. I’m not anti-Obama by a long shot; it’s just the intense bias in the media and DC in general that pisses me off.

  2. Rick says:

    Thanks for your unbiased and probably provoked opinion 🙂

  3. Paula says:

    Very clear fatherly explanation. I LIKE it!
    My hope is that each individual in our Country is not putting ALL faith in this “MAN” as he is just that “HUMAN” like all of us. It’s going to take someone much more powerful to get us out of the many “messes” that we are in. I hope that our Commander in Cheif believes that and leans not on his own understanding. I am still not clear as to what his personal faith is.

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