seven things

Tagged by Jewles to post "seven things about me" – which I think I will now make up:

  1. My number one superpower is sarcasm. A close second: meat vision.
  2. Growing up in the Catskills, I found that living among the wolves and woodland faeries was just as politically skewed as living with humans. You'd think otherwise, but the wolves are especially power-hungry. And the faeries for the most part are suck kiss-ups. 
  3. My favorite spot on the Moon is this little spot just over the rise from where the Apollo 11 crew landed. They left a stash of Twinkies that are still amazingly fresh-ish.
  4. I can't see you right now, but it's because I'm not trying.
  5. I can only barely remember my life as a Russian Tsar. I'm the one that started spelling it that way, but I don't recall why.
  6. My kids have no idea that the crawlspace underneath the house is really the entryway to my secret lair of solitude. And I'd like to keep it that way, please.
  7. I just got off the phone with Michael Jordan – called him to see if he remembered where I left my keys. He said it was on the spot on the Moon, just over the rise from Apollo 11, in the middle of the Twinkie pile. That's where he last remembers seeing them. Dang.

Okay – your turn. If you read this far and chuckled, or just shook your head in bemusement, then consider yourself tagged.


4 thoughts on “seven things

  1. Jewles says:

    Hardy Har Har!
    Thanks for playing along!

  2. jeremy says:

    did you ask him about his underwear?

  3. Rick says:

    no, and he said to let you know there’s a restraining order, that you have to stop pestering him about it.

  4. Steve says:

    So you were the one who changed it to “Tsar” from “Czar.” I was wondering who did that. Funny stuff, my man.

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