it’s early for me

It's early for me, at least on a Saturday. I'm up by 6am or so on weekdays, but on the weekends I've been able to turn "sleeping in" into a science, sleeping until 7am or even 8am on occasion. I got up to (1) let the dog out, (2) let my wife sleep in a bit longer, (3) to sit and enjoy the relative quiet in the house with a hot cup of coffee, and (4) to go to the bathroom. Okay, bathroom pressure is probably the one thing that ultimately rolls me out of bed, but really, I like this time of quiet.

It's early for me, looking ahead at what I have planned this morning and later on today. Meeting Josh for breakfast this morning with Josh at Cracker Barrel, then coming home to see what T and I can do about the fallen tree that's still in our backyard. NFL Playoffs continue later, and the Gamecocks open SEC play against Auburn. So it's a full day, or at least full enough to allow for some rest, some laughs, some fun together.

It's early for me. I'm listening to The God Journey podcast for this week, sitting in my big comfy chair in front of the fire place, about to go fix a cup of coffee and find my doodle Bible. I'm enthralled with following God in a "left-handed" way instead of a "right-handed" way – as far as I can surmise, "right-handed" meaning that God allows us certain "rights" when we follow and obey and cross our T's and dot our I's. We have a "right" to demand God's providence, God's good will and favor. But if God is "left-handed" then maybe He doesn't deal with us that way. Maybe it's not fear-based, but maybe relationship with God is compelled forward with love and mystery and surprise.

It's early for me. But I hear one of the kids beginning to stir upstairs. Physically, I'm right-handed. But T is left-handed. How can I use that difference in reality to build a new metaphor in our thinking, to see together a relationship with God based on His love and faith rather than some kind of legalistic superstition?

It's early for me. Definitely need the coffee.


2 thoughts on “it’s early for me

  1. Tim Wade says:

    Rick, I can really relate to all that you’re saying. I like to get up early on the weekends, usually around 5:30 or 6:00, drink some coffee, debate a little theology on my blog, and ponder the meaning of the life. Right now its 7:20. My 5 year old son is up, but my daughter and my wife and are still in bed. There are leaves that still need to be moved into a pile, a hole to be dug for my compost bin, and yes, perhaps a little TV time if I feel secure in the day’s accomplishments. Its days like this when I feel the Lord leading me to new things in life – new adventures, based on new ideas – that I believe He is lefthanded. Tomorrow, or maybe Monday, I will sit down and indulge my inner child a little less, maybe tackle some mentally challenging problems in Jesus name, and reflect on a righthanded God. But today is Saturday; today we rake leaves and dig holes with a lefthanded God. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Have a great day.

  2. Rick says:

    Thanks, Tim, for stopping by so early on this quite morning. Looking to learn what “left-handed” might mean in this day/culture.

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