Review: The Word Of Promise

My first thought is: "who am I to be reviewing the Word of God?" But my second thought is: "well, I'm no one, but it's written to me and all humanity, so I think I've got as good a perspective as anyone, right?" Then I have to head to passages on humility and what have you. Actually, I'm not "reviewing the Word of God" as much as it needs to review and reverberate within me, right?

1400313309 The latest audio recordings for The Word Of Promise: Next Generation(2008, Thomas Nelson) are for the tweeny-bopper set. But that's really the only downside, and it's a major upside if you have teens and pre-teens in the house that know all these stars more by their Disney shows and Nickelodeon characters. The scripted ICB New Testament isn't the most spot on translation, but it works for telling the narrative of the New Testament in a vibe and timbre that the younger set will follow. My daughter and I have listened a few times on the way to school in the mornings, and it gives us a point to talk about heading into the day.

The package is just three MP3 CDS, so you need to make sure your CD players will handle the format, or rip them to your PC and load them up on MP3 players like we did. There'sa DVD "Behind The Scenes" that will add to the experience for kids, as well. And the performances are well done. Other than being too young for what would be more mature voices, they young actors do a decent job of conveying the emotion of the narratives. Conveying meaning, content, application – these things ought to be up to parents and teachers, I think. And in that regard, The Word of Promise does its part in just sharing the Word and making an impression in young hearts and minds.


One thought on “Review: The Word Of Promise

  1. George says:

    This looks pretty cool. Do they sing any catchy HSM tunes or slime anyone?

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