Just a quick almost-Thanksgiving post to list some of the things I'm thankful for this year:

  • My Wife – Vicki is as humble as they come and is now blushing for reading this. And no, I'm not kissing up – there's alot that gets done behind the scenes figuratively and literally, and I'm thankful to have such a fun partner-in-crime for sharing this busy life.
  • My Kids – Hopeful that they will soon take on the mantle of laundry and dishwashing, but otherwise I'm grateful that they are growing up as decent human beings, making good choices with their friends and their creative juices. They're a pleasure to spend time with, fun to be around – and they are house-trained.
  • My iPhone – No, really – it's a fun gadget-to-end-all-gadgets to have on my person. What did we do before we were able to not only talk to people over the airwaves, but also surf the internet, download tunes and check my location for the nearest Starbucks at any time of the day?
  • Facebook and Twitter– Again, no, really. The most amazing thing is to "find" so many old friends from school, from church, from ages past and "connect" again online.
  • Our Keurig B70– The blue glow is a welcome light of hope in our kitchen, beckoning us to… okay, it's just really good coffee and can be brewed and shared in 30sec. I'm drinking office coffee this morning, so I'm particularly thankful to have this wonderful machine at home, waiting for me.
  •– wonderful website, great way to fill a couple of hours with a decent mix of music. This morning, the Jim Brickman station is just the right vibe for the almost-holiday quietness.

Okay, it's a short list, left lots of things and folks out. But we should never run out of things to be grateful for, right? Hope you have a wonderful thankful holiday – and if you're not busy, come find some leftovers at our place.


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