Repost: What’s Required?

Posted this two years ago (11/21/06). Had been invited to share at a friend’s workplace. And this morning’s twitter conversation might play into it as well. Funny how the old thoughts keep resurfacing from time to time.

I was invited to speak today at a luncheon at a church member’s workplace. Folks have been inspired by the Life @ Work sermon series that has been going on the past few weeks at Seacoast, and they want to share some of that with co-workers. One of the things Maria asked me to hit on was “Your Worth at Work”, so I’m spinning off of that a little to share something that’s been meaningful to me.

When it’s all said and done, what really makes ___________________ worthwhile? Whatever is in that blank, what makes it worth doing, or worth doing well? I get reminded over and over that it’s my interaction with others that is the most meaningful part of anything I do. So I took this time to parse through Micah 6:8 – “… and this is what He requires: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God” (nlt).

  • To “do what is right” (or “act justly”) is to be about doing the right thing for the right reasons. It’s a right motivation towards others, actively trying to do right by them.
  • To “love mercy” is to be merciful – we tend to love mercy when we need it, but we generally respond slowly and judgmentally when others have messed up. Again, it’s about interacting or reacting with others in a way that naturally gives the benefit of the doubt.
  • To “walk humbly” is to be grounded – not too high, not to depressed, but even-keeled. In relationships, it’s seeking to lift the “other” up, encouraging and challenging and honoring. “Love doesn’t seek its own” is lived out humbly, mercifully and justly with the friends, co-workers and family around us.
  • “with your God” – when this phrase is attached to the “walk humbly” part, it’s a statement of our standing with God, before God. But if this idea is used with each of the three active verbs, it now means that our sense of justice and love of mercy and attitude of humility is under-girded and ultimately fed by God. There has to be an outside source, because life doesn’t keep going on totally fair, totally forgiving, totally pride-less. We have to have that real interaction with God in order to live out these “requirements” in a way that’s meaningful and lasting.

After that, I ate some turkey, drank some sweet tea, and enjoyed a wonderfully prepared sweet potato. I was really encouraged, and thankful to Maria and the others for the opportunity to speak and share and hopefully tweak/challenge ever so slightly the common sensibility in us all.


3 thoughts on “Repost: What’s Required?

  1. Tami says:

    Rick, great post. i understand where you are coming from. That really makes sense to me. What a neat chance to share with that group of people. i know you have been involved with small group ministry a great deal…i’m interested in your opinion on where/how SG fit in church today? do you think its realistic to think that SG are the answer to our never ending quest to connect?

  2. Rick says:

    Your question on small groups is a good one, one that I’ve avoided. I think I’ve posted some here before, but for me it boils down to over-hyping, expectations, what are you looking for kinds of questions. I don’t think we necessarily connect better in SGs than we do anywhere else, and what connections we do have can be forced, can be faked. Real connection can happen in SGs, but can also happen in other venues, over other things, etc. Does it “fit” as an option? I think so – but would “classes” be better, with real teachers or experts on subject matter? I don’t know – but for the most part SGs are not the end-all-beat-all that we build them up to be.

  3. Tami says:

    Thanks, Rick. Thats my take on it too. 🙂

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