Beginning to Look Like Thanksgiving

  • I'm fairly certain that if I were to get into the Christmas Spirit as early as Walmart and the rest of the retail world, I'd be completely tired of the tunes by Thanksgiving. My goal is to not really turn it on until Thursday at the earliest, and I'm thinking Friday morning will be just fine for the start of my personal holiday music. I love Christmas music, but there's a definite tempo and pitch that wears itself out for me by the time the holiday actually rolls around.
  • The kids and my lovely wife only have two days of school this week, and I'm on for three workdays before getting Thursday and Friday off. Holiday weeks are really productive – some are off, some are in and hunkered down working to take off, and we're feeling the surge of holiday energy and hopefully funneling it to projects and timesheets. I'm looking forward to the pace and hope to knock a few more items off my own to-do list this week.
  • Gifts and Food. I was just reminded by Lianne on NPR Sunday Edition that we are usually preoccupied with gifts and with food at the holidays, and I can't argue with that. I've been on a cooking frenzy lately with the family. Made chili Friday and it was really really good. Also did pancakes for supper last week, and a really good ravioli-from-a-bag that was surprisingly tasty. Now we've got Thanksgiving and turkey and leftovers coming up, and I'm all for creative use of leftovers.
  • Last bulletpoint thought before getting up to empty the dishwasher and find something for breakfast before church. Someone tweetedthis morning, "What are we willing to do to reach the lost?" I replied that for me, maybe being creative would be good, being graceful in our approach. Someone else replied "changing urself to reach others", and it started a thought thread in me about how that might be the wrong tack. Maybe real change is up to God, so maybe it's better to let Him change us and to be ready, be obedient, be watchful for whatever comes. Something like that – hard to answer in 140 character tweets. Maybe a Thanksgiving post for later this week.

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