Fall, Change

It’s been a few days since the election, so it’s probably past time for me to post something pithy here about "my guy" winning. But honestly, it was never about that. And that’s why I’ve waited until I think it might be worth it to speak out. You see, it wasn’t about the issues for me. Not really.

Img_5520When I tried to explain my work-in-process perspective on their stories, I think most folks missed my point. If McCain had been able to live out a different perspective that opens up options and opportunities for growth and change and diversity, I would have been all over it. But he comes at things from a different starting point: one that already has all the answers and no room for improvement. The Obama side of the ledger, while being labeled more liberal, was also more inviting for me in its openness to new ideas, to new perspectives, to new ways of tackling old problems. And with that in mind, I feel that the Obama administration is more open to the conservative side, more apt to actually deal with issues that are important to me than the side that should be.

Even with his liberal tendencies, I think Obama would have made a better Republican than the Republicans.

So, when I posted that I would be voting for the Democratic candidate, some folks agreed and seemed to mostly "get" what it was I was trying to say. But those who tried to persuade me to not go over to the dark side did it with the issues. I appreciate their concern, but felt a bit peeved that my real reasons weren’t being heard, that my real heart was being missed in the rhetoric of politics. While I was arguing for change, the pushback was by-and-large the same soundbites heard on CNN by the mouthpieces of the two sides. So I had to step back, stay quiet-ish, and just wait for my turn in line. I don’t regret it, and don’t feel that it will be a bad thing. If this is the way we’ve chosen to govern ourselves, I think it’s a much more positive step to begin now re-framing how we look at ourselves and our adversaries. And again, I think the upcoming Obama administration has a better start on doing just that.

So for everyone who doubts my sanity – thank you, for caring and taking the time. But on the flipside, give me the benefit of your doubt. Give this administration the benefit of that doubt. Let’s see if we can change, if things can change, if there’s something bigger than just the sum of our parts at play here.


4 thoughts on “Fall, Change

  1. Mr. Harmless says:

    I am with you on the “change”.
    I am with you on the fact that Obama can bring change.
    I don’t at all believe that Obama will bring the kind of change that is good. Either for the nation or for the individual.

  2. Rick says:

    Really? Seriously? For the record, it’s not that I think Obama brings change, as some of caricatured a “messiah”. But I think he comes from a perspective of change, or a changed perspective, that is more open to real problem-solving, less about being right than about being better. And you don’t see anything at all positive in that?

  3. Steve says:

    Regardless of what happened, of who won, of who lost, of who brings what or what changes, I do respect that you’ve put a great deal of thought into your vote, my friend. We’ll just agree to disagree and move on, continuing to pray for our great nation and that God would continue to bless it. I think you’ve caused us all to put more thought into our vote, and I thank you for it.
    Great pics from Disneyworld, by the way. Looks like the weather was great and, judging by the smiles, you all had a great time.

  4. Rick says:

    Thanks – good time at Disney, now suffering from vacation hangover and from to-do list overgrowth. Sigh.

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