Day One @ Disney

The kids enjoyed their FIRST plane ride, everything but the waiting and waiting and waiting for that first flight to finally board. "Patience is a virtue my little munks". We arrived in Orlando, found Pop Century Resort, and grabbed a bite to eat before heading to our room IN THE EIGHTIES section. A little swim and then the evening with putt putt at Fantasia. Nice relaxing first day!



One thought on “Day One @ Disney

  1. Martha Gerrick says:

    Ok, I am insanely jealous rignt about now. Hope you all have a great trip. I highly recommend the Beauty and the Beast show and Little Mermaid show at MGM as well as the Muppet theatre.
    If you like German food – do not miss Biergarten at Epcot for dinner. You will not be dissapointed. You will need advance reservations though.
    The safari at Animal Kingdom is worth getting up early for and being there when that park opens. The Nemo show is outstanding, and I liked the Lion King show but it was not quite as good as Nemo. Expedition Everest is a ride I will never get on again. I was so terrified I did not even scream. My sister and I also found this very seculded walk in Animal Kingdom that was close to the water ride (I can’t remember the name of that ride but it’s one of those things you sit in a round boat type thing and can get soaked on). There were all kinds of animals, plants, decor, etc., and it was really cool. Meg and I did not want to ride the water thing, so Jim and James rode the water thing and Meg and I decided to do that zoo walk thing while they rode. It was really pretty, soothing, and I was so glad we found it!
    Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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