It’s Blog Action Day 2008, with a focus on Poverty. Bloggers from around the globe will be putting their two cents in – and I wonder, would my two cents along with everyone else’s two cents really make that much of a dent in the problem of Poverty in our world? Figuratively and literally, our money and our ideas have only made a small impression, from my perspective, to share the wealth and resources of the world with those lacking. And now we find ourselves in "an economic crisis", more afraid of the future than ever before, less able to give a helping hand to people on the planet who recognize what real "crisis" is.

I agree with Bono’s sentiment this month when he commended the US Government for finding $700B to bailout the economy, but had to stop to wonder why we couldn’t bring ourselves to use $5B to make a real difference against world poverty.

I’m not nearly as convicted as maybe I should be. But I do see a possibilty for a silver-lining in our current "dire straits". Perhaps we can cut back enough on our own, collectively and as individuals, as families, to make a real difference. And maybe that difference can become habit, helping us make better spending choices, lead to wiser consumption trends across the board. Maybe altruism rises from the hardships we experience. Maybe real care and concern for others in need comes from our own lack of funds, from our own cutting back.


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