“Joe The Plumber”

Here’s video of Joe the Plumber, brought up as an example in tonight’s debate. I think Obama’s response is spot on, telling the small businessman that in working 15 years to get to this spot, he thinks this plan would have freed up capital to let him reach that point faster; that it might not be "good" for him right now, but for those businessman still struggling to reach his level of success it will open up new avenues of revenue.

Word on the street is that Sam the Butcher and Bob the Builder are still looking for their time in the political limelight.


9 thoughts on ““Joe The Plumber”

  1. Steve K. says:

    I’m so freakin’ impressed with Obama’s response to this random guy with this random question, on the fly, his grasp of the issue, his prowess in explaining clearly his policy position, his grace and ease in the exchange. Amazing. I got mad respect for Barack Obama. Period.

  2. Joe doesn’t much care for Obama’s tax plan. I tend to agree with Joe.
    From Cavuto’s interview, Joe said: “He said he wants to distribute wealth, and I mean that’s kind of a socialist viewpoint. It’s not the government to decide that I make a little too much and so I need to share it with other people. That’s not the American dream.”
    And from ABC: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/10/joe-the-plumber.html
    “Joe The Plumber” has weighed in on Wednesday’s presidential debate and he says that Barack Obama’s tax plan “infuriates me.”
    “To be honest with you, that infuriates me,” plumber Joe Wurzelbacher told Nightline’s Terry Moran. “It’s not right for someone to decide you made too much—that you’ve done too good and now we’re going to take some of it back.”
    “That’s just completely wrong,” he added.
    “I don’t like it,” said Wurzelbacher. “You know, me or — you know, Bill Gates, I don’t care who you are. If you worked for it, if it was your idea, and you implemented it, it’s not right for someone to decide you made too much.”

  3. Rick says:

    My problem is that the disagreement “infuriates me” – really? What I understood was that it has taken 15 yrs for Joe to get to this point, that Obama states it would’ve taken 8 or so years under his plan, and then yes he would be paying more but would be making more sooner and still be able to build the company quicker into something worth that dream. Joe only sees that it’s taken this long – under these current failing economic policies – and now that he’s fought this far, he feels that he’s being robbed. But hasn’t he been robbed all along if the potential for expansion was taken from him before?

  4. Hank Osborne says:

    From a tweet I posted last night:
    “If you tax person A making $250k @ 26% & tax B making $249k @ 25%, then you end up with A netting $185k and B netting $187k.”
    This is an extreme example but does show the truth in Obama’s tax plan. How can he call this “fair”?
    If you increase the tax on person A to a 5% difference above person B then you see person A now netting $175k after taxes. FAIR?
    Obama’s tax plan does not seem very well thought out and certainly is not being communicated very well if he has actually thought through these types of scenarios.

  5. Under Obama’s tax plan, Joe will have to pay more in small business taxes which will hurt his plan to expand the company he will own, it will just cost too much. What is interesting is that Joe doesn’t see that he is being robbed from, but that Obama considers the “Joe’s” of America to be the “peasants”:
    “Robin Hood stole from greedy rich people and redistributed it to, you know, the peasant, so to speak, so if he’s calling us peasants, I kind of resent that…it’s just work and hard work. That’s the American dream to me. You work hard, you’re going to get what you want eventually. It’s not going to happen overnight by no means, but you work hard enough, you’ll get it. And I just resent the government or Barack Obama’s plan to take more away from me.”
    I think that maybe part of today’s economic problem is that too many people aren’t willing to work hard to get what they want. They aren’t patient. People want it now! They spend more than they earn. They build up credit debt.
    To me, having the government “spread the wealth” just feeds that problem, that way of thinking. I think a plan like that would hinder those working hard and would keep them held back, while others wait for the government “hand out”. Why is it we want our government running the businesses and the economy? Why is the government bailing out banks? The government is infiltrating almost every aspect of American existence and that is a frightening thing to me.

  6. Rick says:

    Thanks, Hank – I think I heard it differently, like Steve, that Obama was HELPING the small business owner grow faster, less taxes, etc – get to that dream quicker. The way he’s being taxed NOW has held him back.
    Thanks, Susan – Obama didn’t call anyone peasants. That’s the way Joe feels, and he’s in this situation because of the current system holding him back from where he could have been. That was my takeaway from the exchange.

  7. Hank Osborne says:

    There are a bunch of factors that go into what Obama is trying to HELP with concerning small businesses. If government had raised taxes on the plumbing business 15 years ago then the business might not have survived long enough for Plumber Joe to buy it. There are many ways to HELP and the government cannot possibly know what is best for each business. Leave the financial wealth sharing decisions in the hands of those who have their fingers on the pulse. If they make bad decisions then they will suffer the consequences and learn from it.

  8. Steve says:

    Great discussion on an obviously sticky issue. It just amazes me that we still have this discussion. The “tax and spend” argument offered by Obama has been offered by the left since Carter and every other Democrat since 1980. It just doesn’t work. Italy has a similar type system. In their tax system one eventually gets to the point where it just doesn’t pay to work harder or make more because the government will take a larger portion of your paycheck. This encourages unproductivity. I’m with Joe the Plumber. I’ve worked hard and am unwilling to hand over my paycheck to someone who, frankly, hasn’t worked as hard as I have to earn my money. America is the land of opportunity. They, for the most part, have been given the same opportunity I have. Some have taken it and done well. Others have squandered it. Why do I have to pay for them? Tax and spend and wealth distribution is, to put it bluntly, a political ploy to get elected…plain and simple. It’s class warfare for votes. His economic plan is bad for the country. “Failed economic programs of the past 8 years?” The concept of trickle-down economics works and has been proven time and again. The failure has been curbing government spending, one criticism I do have with the Bush White House, and something John McCain has always been critical of.
    Thank you for your attention. We return now to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

  9. Rick says:

    Now I’m just disappointed that none of you called me a bleeding heart liberal or social gospel left-winger. I feel another post coming on over the weekend, hoping it won’t offend. Ok, not really – sometimes getting offended is the only way I/we will ever learn anything about ourselves.

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