One Fine Day

It all started innocently enough. Today being Thursday, I planned on taking the daughter to school, coming home and getting straight to work after a brisk morning walk. Lots of the folks I follow on Twitter talk about their workouts and "going for a walk" times in the morning and evening, and I need to get in the routine of things with some exercise. All was well – overcast, slightly humid after the rain passed, sweating just enough to feel that I’d done something good and worthwhile. Then I got home.

Since then, it’s been one of those days. I can’t complain – I’ve got it easy much of the time. But today it seems like the to-do list has been a to-do pile and it’s been piled and re-piled on me hour after hour. The time has gond by quickly, so that’s a good thing. But I feel like a blur, like I have been on full fast forward since sitting back down after that walk. I know it’s not just me – Vicki’s had one of those days, too, and I’m sure I could get some stories from the kids. And you’ve had your own "one of those days", I’m sure. If not today, then in the past – and if not in the past, then just wait. Just wait.


4 thoughts on “One Fine Day

  1. Rick says:

    Is that when yours started? or when you plan on having one of your own tomorrow?

  2. orlund says:

    My whole summer has felt that way (since the baby was born) but things are slowing down now. Hope you have more of a relaxing weekend!

  3. jeremy says:

    sorry… that was when workload was whittled down to nothing on Thursday.
    hope your friday was better than your thursday.

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