Beginning When I first heard about Chuck Fisher’s IN THE BEGINNING (2008. Little, Brown and Company/Hatchette Books), I didn’t think I was in the proper demographic to give a review. Pop-up books are generally for little children, and with two tween/teens I just didn’t think it would be on our radar. I was wrong. This is a gorgeous work. Our kids are enthralled with the intricate pop-ups, especially the ginormous Tower of Babel. This book brings to life some of the popular stories of the Book of Genesis in a beautiful way, along with text references to the scriptures and the stories alongside the three-dimensional paper sculptures.

My favorite is the Tower of Babel, seeming to unfold out of the book and stretching to the sky on its own – almost two feet of paper emerging from the page to tell the story of man trying to meet God on man’s terms. Then there’s Noah’s Ark – where man is saved on God’s terms to reboot society and try to live according to God’s guide and direction. The stories come alive, details literally jumping from the pages, as each glance yields a new figure here, a shadow there, a character study to the left, a glimpse of truth to the right.

This work is definitely an on-top-of-the-table coffeetable book – not to be stacked underneath with most of my other waiting-to-be-read books, but on top of the table for all to see, for anyone to regain some childlike awe.



3 thoughts on “Review: IN THE BEGINNING

  1. Mr. Harmless says:

    Where did you hear about this book?

  2. rick says:

    From Hatchette Books, email update.

  3. jeremy says:

    thanks! we’ve been looking for a variety of ways to teach our little one some bible stories other than the same mundane stuff… going to look into this now.

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