Animals In The House

Img_0337 For those who didn’t see on Twitter and Facebook, we had to say goodbye to PP this week. He was tired, old, sick. This photo (can tell from his usually Marty Feldman-like eyes that he’s not doing well) was taken at the emergency vet hospital around 1am, after he had collapsed and stopped breathing for the second time that I can count, perhaps one other with my Dad when we were out of town. What we saw as calming down was most likely the onset of a heart disease, breathing troubles and an enlarged liver. We’re happy that he’s not hurting anymore…

But Vicki and I really miss him when we walk in the door after work, after school. And today, working at home for the first time since, I realized that we have always had an animal in this house. We’ve lived here fifteen years, and there has always been multiple cats and/or dogs here. So I’m going to tell our little girl that yes, we can get that new cat – after we do some cleaning in the yard and the house to make sure there are no fleas and junk left over. A fresh start for the house, for us, for a new pet. I think that would be a good thing.

For the record, I tell everyone I hate the animals.


4 thoughts on “Animals In The House

  1. Gail Hyatt says:

    God created pets for a reason. I think they speak to us of the unconditional love and devotion of God. We can learn a lot from them. May we be examples of that unconditional love to those who are in our lives. Also your grief at PP’s loss is an indication of how great your love for him was. I’m sorry w/ you. This is when time can be our friend.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Awww. How sad. 😦
    It’s sweet of you to let your daughter get a new kitty though. New memories. Not to necessarily replace the old ones but to help heal.

  3. maryann says:

    totally understand. every time we lose one we vow…NEVER AGAIN!! (mostly in self-protection mode of not wanting to grieve again)
    but…life would be incomplete without something furry or splashy(in case of fish)
    right now i have an overabundance of the furry and splashy…but i dont want to downsize right yet…
    so sorry PP is gone.

  4. orlund says:

    Always sad loosing a pet. At least he doesn’t have to suffer. Make sure you post some photos of your cat when you get it.

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