Flashback: Laser Discs & VHS

When I went with Trace & his friends to see IGOR last weekend – I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly BAD this movie really was – I was transported back in time to the all-night movie gatherings at James’ house back in high school. My taste in movies was honed during those all-nighters playing pool, eating old Bush River Cinema popcorn, drinking cokes and renting Plan 9 From Outer Space and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. We laughed at bad movies, fell asleep on the pool table, and generally just hung out. I didn’t participate in the outdoors Swisher Sweets comraderie – but otherwise, those were the days.

The only flicks I remember off my head were the bad ones, But I’m sure there were classics mixed in there, too. We did get to see Read Window when it was released (in the old Dutch Square Cinemas on a double-bill with Silverado), and then there was Vertigo over at the old Richland Mall Theaters (another double with Tank and a bag of gummi rings that messed me up for days). We would take in a summer new release on the last day of school each year, and Fletch was an instant classic for us.

James was the only one of I us I remember with a laser disc player at home. For me, we didn’t even get VHS until I graduated high school. Those old video rental places, in hindsight, were really creepy, weren’t they?


5 thoughts on “Flashback: Laser Discs & VHS

  1. Chuck says:

    Rick – James did not have a laser disc, he had the RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc. Your pal Chuck (provider of said stale popcorn…thank you, I had forgotten that nugget) purchased a Laser Disc player while Jay and I were rooming together at The Park (222). Just in the last two years, I finally got rid of the player (it died), but I still have a ton of disc.
    I think one of the best/worst movies that I saw with you was “Fright Night” (Roddy McDowel).

  2. Rick says:

    FRIGHT NIGHT – LOVE that movie. Thought of it every time I saw Marcy on Married W/ Children. And I’m sorry for the detail faux pas – you guys with your fancy technology and gadgets. I was just happy for tag along, my friend.
    Thanks for the popcorn, as always!

  3. Steve says:

    Those were some good times at the Kirk house. “Fright Night” was a good one. A good kind of cheesey.
    You guys didn’t need a VHS/Beta/Laser Disc, you had the Movie Channel. I remember many a night at the Stilwell house watching the latest. “This movie was just in the theaters 8 months ago! It’s like it’s brand new!” “Bill Cosby as Himself,” I’ll always remember seeing for the first time at your house, your Dad munching away on his air-popped popcorn. Good times.

  4. Todd says:

    The Kirks had everything, didn’t they?
    My favorite movies with the gang were “Blazing Saddles” and “A Fish Called Wanda.” Good times, goooooooooood times.
    And let’s not forget Peeley singing along with Michael W. Smith Live while Alan silently plotted his demise. Funny that they became college roomies and the best of pals.

  5. Rick says:

    Wanda has been on the Encore channels recently – “what was the middle thing?” – classic.
    We had the Movie Channel for awhile, and I think of that Bill Cosby bit every time someone mentions a dentist.

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