One Of Those Days

Sometimes it’s just life:

  • Vicki told us about her day, with medical emergencies at school and so many students coming by to ask about Musical Auditions. "Are we too late to pick up information for the Auditions?" – "Um, yeah, probably, since they’re this week and all the good times were snapped up".
  • Cammi told me tonight that "everyone is yelling at me". Well, there was one teacher needing to raise her voice to get the attention of the whole class, and another teacher calling her our for talking again and again. Then there was Mom rasing her voice while we looked for Trace, and me – ok, I yelled – telling her that you do NOT step out in front of a moving car, which she did to me, with the car moving, jumping over a puddle, and me slamming on brakes to avoid having to call 911 and get a large spatula to scrape her body off the pavement. "We do NOT step out in front of a moving vehicle" – I think that needs to be stated with some authority, right?
  • Trace had an okay day as far as I can tell – except that we had no idea where he was. He was instructed to go to the high school after school as normal and I would pick them up there since Mom had afternoon auditions. He didn’t hear the middle part ("What was the middle thing?"), so he sat on the curb by his school while we spent thirty minutes checking where he wasn’t instead of where he was.
  • I have had an under-caffeinated headache all day long. On the upside, our shipment of k-cups came in – aaah, java goodness does a body good.

5 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. jae says:

    Caffeine makes it all better. I am a convert.

  2. Rick says:

    Chilling with Obama blend even as we surf the web.

  3. Steve says:

    “Obama Blend?” Is that the coffee that over-promises and under-delivers on its caffeine promises? It only costs $2 a bag, but sales tax on it is $10?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Cheers.

  4. rick says:

    better than the McCain Blend – chases evil thru your intestines all the way to the gates of he’ll before spasmodically pushing the big red planet self destruct button installed by his Manchurian Candidate handlers.

  5. CoffeePHD says:

    Obama blend and McCain Blend – both are Sweet full-bodied American classic coffee 🙂
    And if you want to save on KCups this is great website if you interesting with K Cups Giveaways every week plus bunch of Coupons on K-Cups

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