Different Sunday

Three out of four of us don’t feel so good this morning. For me, I’m just old and crotchety. My lovely bride has a sinus congestion achey thing going on. And our little girl has felt body achey all weekend, too. So we’re staying home to take care of each other. I sat at the kitchen table for my coffee and biscuits and Sunday morning sermon via iPhone/podcast. You have go love technology that let’s you be "a part of it all" without a shower, before brushing teeth, barefoot. Pastor Greg spoke on being a rockstar, letting our aspirations for greatness become a problem of pride and selfishness. Instead, "welcome the least of these." Find who’s last and get in line behind them, Luke 9:46ff.

For me this morning, it’s a really lovely day outside. I follow lots of twitterers from LA and the area around New Orleans, and know that their day is going to get progressively worse with Gustav aiming for the Gulf Coast. And I’m inspired by so many of them as pastors and church leaders who are stepping up to put those in need "ahead in line," so to speak.

So with all that on my mind this morning, I look forward today to some restfulness and some unrest. Restful towards healing for the girls, and unrest towards something positive and intentional flowing in and through me.

I’ll need more coffee. Can see that right now.


3 thoughts on “Different Sunday

  1. Joe Martino says:

    Hi Rick,
    Who is pastor Greg? Where do I check out his sermon podcasts? I have a little drive every day and I enjoy listening to a wide variety of sermons.

  2. Rick says:

    We attend one of the campuses of Seacoast Church out of Mount Pleasant, SC. The website is http://www.seacoast.org, and you can search “seacoast” in iTunes to find the podcasts there.

  3. Mr. Harmless says:

    Coffee is the best medicine.

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