Img_0003 It’s Monday. Thursday night, Gamecock Football opens against NC State on ESPN. But for now, it’s just Monday.

  • Democratic Convention starting in Denver
  • Two Fantasy Football drafts tonight

And did I mention that it’s Monday?

It’s been one of those days – and I realize it’s not over, just needed a break to type a bit, cast my cares upon the blog waters. It’s been an okay day, just started funky with a minor argument in my car (little girls are tough cookies!). And it’s kinda been on that kind of a level ever since. I didn’t sleep well, we woke up too harshly, etc etc etc cry me a river, right?

On the plus side, God is still good. That’s not a pithy saying, and I’m not going to write anything in particular. I’ve still got my questions about what’s going on in life, but at the same time I feel Him there alongside, maybe just out of reach, but wanting us to follow.

Did I mention that it’s Monday?


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