Happy Birthday, Love

Behind every good man there’s a great woman. Luckily, behind the most dimwitted of us, there’s also a great woman like my wife. Today we celebrate the life, generosity, good humor and continued grace of the love of my life.

Happy birthday, Love – you’re hot.


I’ve known her for nearly half our lives, and can only imagine that the best is still ahead of us.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Love

  1. vicki says:

    thank you for a wonderful day!! i love you deeply… and appreciate all you do.

  2. Paula says:

    That is the sweetest post Rick! Hope that Vicki had a fabulous day. p

  3. Rick says:

    Every day with Vicki is a fabulous day šŸ™‚ – right?

  4. vicki says:

    every day with rick is a unique and fabuluous adventure…..

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