Manga Me?

Twice in one day, the word "manga" has entered my universe. Both times, it was from the fringes of reality, someplace you wouldn’t imagine being manga-ized to the extent that, well, other places might. You expect a few shelves and fanboys hanging out at Barnes & Noble, next to the graphic novels and regular comic mags. And you might expect a few kids to be swapping books around a lunch table somewhere outside at the local high school. I’m not a fan, can’t get into the genre – no real aversion to it, just not my thing. But this is now twice that it’s popped up today.

Manga The first time was at the Christian bookstore. That’s right, Lifeway Books, sanctuary of all that’s proper and Baptist. And evidently there’s a market for Christian manga. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, just didn’t expect to see the manga there next to the Veggie Tales and Narnia paperbacks.

Rick1j13gmailcom_a153e3a2Then there’s the current madness on Twitter where folks are building their own manga caricatures at First it was one avatar, then another, then the cartoon faces start showing on updates all up and down my list of follows. So I followed the lemmings and made my own. I’m sorry they didn’t allow me to add my wisdom-inducing grey hairs.

Books [As an aside, don’t ask me how long it’s been since I last went into a Christian bookstore. Here’s one of the reasons why. I’m just saying.]


2 thoughts on “Manga Me?

  1. Chuck says:

    No love for Kirk Cameron? Come-on man. 🙂
    I thought you were going to get a shot of the Manga New Testament from Zondervan (if it’s a Bible, or a version of the bible, then we will print it…seriously, we need to the doh-re-mi).

  2. Rick says:

    My issue with Kirk Cameron is that he’s in the Law-leads-to-Salvation camp that relies too heavily on the 10 Commandments. And I don’t like the banana metaphor. Other than that, I’m still probably mad over his treatment of his brother Ben on Growing Pains.

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