Sunday Morning Easy

Img_4932 I’ve got a couple of thoughts tossing and turning in my noggin this weekend, a few observations and questions that might, in the end, fit together better than first expected. One series of synapse-firings is on the idea…

I’ve tried to write something substantive on "leadership" and "compartmentalization" – the two thought prompts on my mind this morning. But I can’t – anything I start to type feels so contrived and pithy that it just doesn’t seem right. Posting on those topics wouldn’t really bring anything new to the table, and honestly wouldn’t drive much in the way of new questions or ideas. There are lots of folks who’ve blogged or published on these ideas, and I’m just not feeling the gumption to add anything right now. Instead, I’m just enjoying listening to NPR Sunday Edition, where I just solved the Sunday Puzzle (really want that lapel pin – pick me, pick me). I’m relaxing with my son – Vicki and Cam have gone to church early to help in the Children’s Dept – and we laugh at the same things, smile at the same things. It’s cool when you find your kids growing into your own sense of humor, sense of listening and reality. At least it’s fun for me.

And I think the reason I don’t want to write down my thought on those top two topics is that I’ll find myself missing out on them. I’ll think too narrowly on "leadership", missing the leading and following that goes on in our interactions with our kids, with my morning at home with public radio in the den. And I’ll end up doing the "compartmentalize" thing that I want to avoid, separating things that belong together, putting up boundaries where there should be none. So instead of posting what would’ve been a wonderfully insightful piece on, well, nothing in particular, I’ve posted something on nothing in particular.


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