We Heart Spot

This is a quiet peaceful photo of our daughter with her cat, Spot, taken while they both snoozed in the big comfy chair. We’d noticed the heart-shaped spot on the cat many times before – only shows up when she’s curled like that, haunches coming together to blend into the image just right. Over the past few months, we’ve been dealing with a cancerous growth in the kitty’s mouth, getting steadily worse and not going away. With the vet’s help and care, she’s lived a few weeks longer than expected – but she stopped eating, and now she’s unable to breathe through her nose, wheezing and mouthbreathing, in pain but still just wanting to just cuddle and sleep and rest. Today, the vets helped end the pain. Our daughter is a big girl, learning today something more about death being a part of life, learning that memories last longer than we do, and hopefully realizing that it is good to be sad, good to miss her kitty, and really really painful at the same time.


She’s such a big girl. Just now while waiting outside for Mommy to do the paperwork, she called me to let me know Spot was gone. She was crying, but composed in there, too. And she wanted to call her brother at home and her Nanny and Grandma, to let them know. I’m very proud of her, and sad with her, in having to grow up a bit through it all.


6 thoughts on “We Heart Spot

  1. George says:

    That breaks my heart. I remember when my kids had a pet turtle, Tommy, that died about 5 years ago. We had a little turtle funeral in the back yard one morning before school/work. The kids cried, my wife cried, then I cried. Not over Tommy, but over watching my kids experience greif. That was a long day.

  2. jae says:

    Such a hard thing to learn in life… death, loss, grief, and renewal through it. Prayers for her during this hard time. And for you and Vicki. It’s harder to watch your kids hurt than it is to hurt yourself.

  3. Rick says:

    Thanks – she’s seen y’all’s comments. Having an okay evening, sometimes smiling sometimes not. Hopefully down for a good night’s sleep. We’ve prayed for the Comforter to do His thing, be there for her to lean on, along with us.

  4. Patrick says:

    So sorry, Rick. I wish this was a lesson none of us ever had to learn. You’re all in my prayers.

  5. That’s sad. Prayers for y’all.

  6. Steve says:

    She’s a brave girl. I cried like a baby when my dog got Parvo and had to be put down. I was 22.

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