Morning Queue

082307_0701 The barista waited semi-patiently behind the counter, behind the cash register, behind her just barely audible tap-tap-tapping on the countertop with her acrylic sparkled nails. She smiled a subtle, lovely smile, just barely on the but-isn’t that-charming side of fake-and-can-we-hurry-this-along.

But I couldn’t decide, couldn’t make up my mind. Caramel macch with all the fixins, or a straight Americano with a shot of toffee nut? Which smell, which flavor, which texture would be the one to really jumpstart my already inevitably terrible day?

I needed a nap, standing here in line on my side of the counter. Or coffee, and since this was a coffeeshop and not my bedroom, I was going to be wild and go towards the caffeine.

"Sorry," I half-apologized, half blew off her attitude. "I’ll take a venti pumpkin spice, no whip." There, that’s it – go off grid, out of the box, out of the rut of mediocrity for my morning jolt. That’s the ticket, the punch I might need to get out of the rut I was eroding for myself.



2 thoughts on “Morning Queue

  1. Adele says:

    mmmm, i sometimes go blank and order something dull in a panic, or forget which coffee shop i’m in and confuse them by ordering a size they do in the one down the road.

  2. Rick says:

    Gotta admit, most of the time I’m like the barista, hoping the guy in front of me will just order and move on to the round receiving stand, let me get my macchiato and be on my way 🙂

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