Answer Anything

Yesterday I posted the charge to "Ask Anything" – so today I’m kicking back with the responses. Really, trying to be straight up and non-stupid – but no promises.

  • "ok, give me your top ten desert island books and why?" – Adele/Toast
    To be honest, I kept reading your "question" as "top ten dessert island…" and kept thinking of apple pie, cookie dough ice cream, and Mom’s strawberry cake. But you asked for books on a deserted island, right? Don’t know if I’d take ten or not, and only a couple of these would be books already read – others, I want to finish:
    The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Chabon
    The Life of Pi, Martel
    Divine Conspiracy, Willard
    Rise to Rebellion, Shaara
    The Shack, Young
    John Adams, McCullough
  • "Dracula or the wolfman?" – George
    I would take Dracula in just about anything. Wolfman probably loses all sense of himself when changing full-on, but Dracula is always in the intelligent blood-sucking persona. Give Wolfman a t-bone and he’s your best friend, but Dracula would take a bit more to bring to docility.
  • "Woah! Seems like every time I stop by the design has changed. Make it the way it was when I first came here! (Whenever that was)" – Joel
    Is that a question? Benefit of the doubt being what it is, I’ll take the time to apologize for my obvious fickleness when it comes to blog layout. I’m not much for CSS, so I never took the time to do much with my blog layout other than pick and choose from Typepad’s multiple designs. I’m a sucker for trying something new, but I seem to come back to something fairly quiet and non-descript. So this will stay as is for a while – at least til there’s a few more added to the Design tab, right?
  • "Why do people use the phrase "I could care less," when they really could not? Doesn’t make sense." – Jason
    One thought would be that we’re all illiterate idiots who get it wrong, meaning to say, "I couldn’t care less". That would make much more sense logically. But honestly, I couldn’t care less.

3 thoughts on “Answer Anything

  1. Steve says:

    John Adams is a great book. Agree about Dracula. He has style as well, the “cat” to wolfman’s “dog.”
    Happy belated birthday, my friend.

  2. Rick says:

    … and happy birthday to you on time, old friend. And I mean, OLD – but not that old.

  3. jeremy says:

    on the “could care less” issue, i was just talking to someone about this yesterday. People use phrases wrong a lot. Like “i made a complete 360” which puts you back in the same place, only dizzier… or how people say “irregardless” when they mean “regardless” … so much so that dictionaries now see the two as synonymous… how dumb is that? or am i just dumb?

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