Confused Yet?

Two men live nearly identical lives. Both are equally outgoing, equally kind, equally arrogant, equally smart, equally in debt, equally well-mannered, and about equally uptight. Good men, each with families, faults, failures and fortune.

One day close to their fiftieth year, each is taken to a one room house in a field. Each house is made the same way, three glass walls and one solid wall. The house to the north faces north, with its southbound wall solid and the east and west walls made of glass to allow the day’s sun. The north face provides a view of the mountains to the north. The south bound building is symmetric, with its north facing wall closed off, and the other three walls providing daily sun and a view of the southern mountain range.

Neither man knows the existence of the other.

Each morning, when sitting down for breakfast, a solitary person comes into each house. Whether it is the same person in each house, or two different persons, is unclear. Whether male or female is also unclear. Once inside, the visitor to the northbound house walks up behind the gentleman and smacks him in the back of the head. Each morning, Mr. North (for lack of a name, not his real name nor any description of his demeanor or life) exclaims, "Ow! What did I do to deserve that?" To which, each morning, the visitor replies, "Nothing", and exits. In the southbound home, Mr. South is also visited by an unnamed and unknown visitor. Each morning, the visitor walks in behind Mr. South and places a Hershey’s kiss on the table beside breakfast. Mr. South exclaims, "oh my! What did I do to deserve this?", to which the visitor replies with the same phrase, same vocal inflection, "Nothing", before exiting.

As the years go by, each day bringing a stinging pain to the back of Mr. North’s head, each morning bringing a sweet chocolate Hershey’s kiss to the countertop in front of Mr. South, the two men quickly become inoculated to their "morning surprise". After many years, Mr. North has died from exhaustion, trying to appease the mysterious visitor’s hand. And after the same number of years, Mr. South has died from boredom, not knowing what to do with himself. And cavities, having eaten a diet of only breakfast cereal and chocolate for so long.


5 thoughts on “Confused Yet?

  1. spufidoo says:

    Ummm… Don’t get it.

  2. George says:

    Yes. I am confused. That is, if we’re supposed to figure out some riddle or find the moral to this story. Otherwise, I understand the story…the sad story of two lonely prisoners in their glass cells, each with their different breakfast routines.

  3. utech says:

    no matter if like give you sugar or a smack you will still die.
    so get off your butt and do something

  4. Rick says:

    I like George’s take. And I think I picked a poor title. Hate when I name something, start typing, and it doesn’t really relate to that something anymore.
    Something like this came to mind when I was thinking of ways we collectively get God wrong – either as the malevolent head smacker or the grandfatherly type with candy in the pocket.

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