Whispering Sky

From today’s Watercooler over at Randy Elrod’s blog, in regards to nature: "What about you? How does nature speak to you? A whisper, a word, a scream? Through the ocean waves, the rhythm of the surf, the soft touch of a breeze, a stunning panorama, summiting a vista?"

I must confess that "whisper" is the most normal way for me to interact with nature, the most likely way that it will "speak" to me inwardly. I love looking at the sky. I’m not one for much big blasting ooooo and aaaaah moments, but those little "wow, God" instances of sun rays through the clouds or a bird flying by, those are the things that make me really pause and think and ponder and praise.

My only drawback right now is that the sky is offlimits to my camera. I haven’t figured out all the settings, so any snapshots I take of the sky are washed out and over-exposed. But I’m working on it.


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