Monday Again

Img_4905I’m not a big fan of Monday, and the only thing getting me going on this particular morning is the coffee – very good, Summer Symphony blend. Anyway, having been off for vacation since Thursday 06/26, it’s even tougher getting into the swing of work and Monday and catching up on emails and to-do lists. But this is the place I find myself, right?

It was a good weekend. After last week’s trip to Orlando, coming back for the Fourth was relaxing. We grilled out at Mom & Dad’s Friday, did a few things around the house on Saturday, and then went to church yesterday and back to Mom & Dad’s for "my birthday party". Cash prizes and a Wii Fit and gift cards for books and iphone accessories – not a bad haul, I must say.

Today, I’m at the kitchen table – at least I don’t have to drive across town to the office, this being my day of the week to work from home – and I’m starting to swing back into the swing of things. Hopefully this will be a quick, productive and relatively painless week.


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