If you were to write a book, what would it be about? For real people to read, to buy, to browse over a latte’ at Barnes & Noble? Would it be fiction? Sci-fi, mystery, tragedy? Western, teen lit, thriller? Maybe non-fic? Historical, self-help, Christian living? What would you write?

And who would read? What’s your intended audience, your target? Who would be interested in your premise? Who’d want to walk in the shoes of your characters? Who would need your advice, your expertise, your perspective on things that matter?

Just some of the questions rolling around in my head, typing out on this mostly blank entry panel.


13 thoughts on “Literally

  1. Have three that I toy with from time to time. I have severe add issues so I get bored with one topic and write 10-15 pages on another one.
    One on divorcing politics from faith
    one on dating, no current public work on it…unless you look at mine and my wife’s relationship….
    one on the church and its interaction with teh world
    And I love salsa so maybe a cookbook with different recipes for it. probably sell more than the other three combined

  2. George says:

    I would write a work of fiction about an average computer geek in a struggling marriage who accidentally stumbles upon a big corporate secret (at work) and become the target of corporate hit men. In order to evade them he and his wife have to go “off the grid” and attempt to survive in the wilderness, where the hit men attempt to hunt them down. While being pursued by high-tech assailants through trecherous white water rapids and rugged mountains they learn how to love again. Then they kill they bad guys with pointy sticks and stuff.

  3. Wow, George’s is way better than mine

  4. vicki says:

    hasn’t george’s book already been made into a movie with steven segal as the lead??? (i love the pointy sticks idea)
    i’d write a children’s book… about where all the socks go when they disappear in the dryer.. or a book about laundry fairies.. or a book about what all our appliances do when we aren’t home.
    i can’t sustain a story line for a book the length of george’s…

  5. Rick says:

    I’m in the presence of genius.
    And Steven Segal.

  6. maryann says:

    i like the socks book…and the appliances one too…i think Pixar could work on that screenplay!!

  7. Todd says:

    I have toyed with writing a book, but there are SO MANY already out there. I never was much of a novelist, and though I love Sci-Fi, I don’t think I could swing writing it. I would want it to be a book that would benefit all manners of people. Then again, one cannot please all manners of people without ticking the others off.
    What was the question again?

  8. jeremy says:

    i’ve started three (all fiction)… they all get to about 4 chapters in and i get distracted. I went back and read them about a month ago. They need a lot of work. i guess that is what happens when you start to grow up.
    I have non-fiction docu-books that i’ve wanted to write, like a trip to all of baseball stadiums, one for basketball, and one for football… but someone beat me to the punch on the baseball one several years ago and now it’d be such an expensive road trip that i dont think it’d ever happen.
    So, yah… i don’t think i’ll write one.

  9. I have primarily written poetry over the years. I go back in forth from more confessional to highly ‘artistic’ styles. I’d like everyone to read it, but realize maybe only a few will.
    I have also wanted to get into creative non-fiction. Write satirical pices on faith and my expereinces in church, etc. Something tells me that’d mostly be an insider type of deal.
    I always wanted to write plays as well. I had started one a few years back about a group of Irish men and women coming to america on the coffin ships. Man it was depressing!

  10. Chuck says:

    Here’s the story in a nutshell: a fourteen year old boy has a unique gift, curse, power. He can focus his eyes in time like the rest of us do in space. He can squint and see up to about thirty minutes into the future – yeah, freaky huh? I think I will call it Foresight.

  11. Rick says:

    I like Chuck’s best!!

  12. Martha Gerrick says:

    Mine would be a romance novel. I would have to change the names to protect the innocent/guilty – including myself!!!

  13. Martha Gerrick says:

    Oh yes, and the title is: Exhibitionist meets Narcissist

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