Monday DQOTW

In this edition of the Monday Deep Question Of The Week… I thought it might be cool to toss something out on Monday and revisit it throughout the coming week. Today, there’s a question that stuck in my psyche over the last bit of time:

What do we think is the purpose of God’s Judgment?

I’ll just leave it like that, see if anyone comments or not, and I’ll post more as the week progresses. How’s that? Feel free to leave insights/whatever in the comments, or link back to your site.


3 thoughts on “Monday DQOTW

  1. bccain says:

    Suggestion for Deep Though Question: Why did Jesus choose Judas as one of the Twelve, even though he knew Judas would betray him?

  2. Rick says:

    My only answer would be that Jesus picked me knowing I would screw things up, too – right? 🙂

  3. Caryn says:

    I’m thinking it’s our last real visit with the old screwed up fallen self before we’re taken over the threshhold for good. A moment to experience God saying – directly, for once – “Here’s all your crap and what you deserve, and here’s my Son stepping in to say he’s covered it – now come on in!” Forget justice, cause love just won out! Let’s party!

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