… and let it work over you?

Img_4299I snapped this photo of President Lincoln with the troops: a Union small group?

This morning I posted a quick little ditty, just a question about "euthanizing small groups" that link to a post with that flavor by Brian Jones. I didn’t write anything else – just implying that wow, this was a good question. A good question to be asked, good question to be chewed on, good question to wash over me back and forth. But I didn’t post anything else, none of my own sparked thoughts, none of my knee-jerk reactions. Anyone who knows me, especially lately, would know that this tack resonates with me – so my first thought would be that he is spot on, that he has put to text some of the things I’ve already been thinking and pondering. Also, if you clicked through and read the comments generated, you’d see some like me who are right there with – but you’d also see quite a few arguing the opposite thought, arguing to not throw that particular baby out with that particular tub of bath water.

So I’ve waited and pondered, pondered and waited. On some level, I want both "sides" to be right. Most likely. Maybe. As much as I’ve got problems with the small group paradigm, I don’t want to impose my angst on anyone who might be having a wonderful time in small group, in Sunday School each week, however this is playing out for you. I really don’t want to mess that up. But for me, it’s just too real – small groups have their place, but it’s not the only place for spiritual growth, for finding community. It might not even be the best way for any of that to happen. Maybe it’s the best we can do on a large scale, but I have a feeling that we run out of creativity too fast, settle on something that works a percentage of time, while unfortunately turning off other ideas and possibilities.


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