Deep Sadness

There’s a deep sadness through the music industry. Last night, there were tweets everywhere about Steven Curtis Chapman’s family tragedy. An accident in the driveway took away the youngest member of their family. Where I posted last night about my own family being my shiny bright spot, I cannot imagine the feelings and sadness.

I will hug on my own youngest and my own eldest tomorrow evening, and I will hold their momma tight.


2 thoughts on “Deep Sadness

  1. Chuck says:

    Rick – this broke my heart as well. Steve has been very active in adoptions. I only knew about his daughter from an interview I heard on Klove back when he was going through the process and the joy of finally completing his journey. My heart is broken for his son.

  2. maryann says:

    yes…its the son i am prayin hardest for now.
    the guilt must be unbearable, even if no one is putting guilt on him.
    i am praying that Abba holds him tight.

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