Img_4126 I must start this post with the proclamation that I had a wonderful time with my wife this past weekend. More than anything, it’s just been a nice time together. It didn’t matter where we went, just so long as it was with her. I can get into some of the historical places for photo ops again sometime this summer, most likely – but I won’t have another chance to walk around on our seventeenth anniversary, in the rain, in Philadelphia, together.

She flew home this morning – all flights on time and relatively pain-free. And I miss her. My week will continue on, and the business aspects of everything will hopefully make it fly by so that I can fly home at the end of the week, once again enjoying the together part of being married.

Right now, just being honest, I’m pooped. Dealing with people is tough. Dealing with people while feeling "alone" is tougher still. I know that the downer after the fun weekend is partly to blame for this funk. Still, I hope things pass quickly and relatively pain free for me, too. I’m ready to go home.


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