My post rate has gone down – just an observation, not something I think anyone’s really noticed, not something for which I necessarily need to apologize. One thing has been a lack of write-able thoughts, and another has been the increase in the "pleasantly disengaged" persona into which  I seem to be growing – in a good way, I think.

Sometimes I can get pretty personally irritated or whatever over events, with people, with airline flights that are supposed to leave CAE at 1:30pm but don’t leave until 4:30pm so that I don’t arrive at my hotel room until 9:30pm after having left my own house at 9am for a doctor’s appointment and a quick trip to the pharmacy to fill the prescription before dropping off Jeeves at the body shop and making it to the airport with plenty of time to spare before the expected 1:30pm flight that didn’t leave until 4:30pm after sitting on the runway for an extra 45 minutes. And I hope that I’ve grown as a writer and a thinker, that I don’t have to whine about stuff like that.

Remind me to not book US Airways next time. Not complaining, but not stupid either.


One thought on “BlogSlacker

  1. Todd says:

    Pleasantly Disengaged…I like that. May I use it sometime?

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