Go, Speed Racer, Go


4 thoughts on “Go, Speed Racer, Go

  1. TeacherDave says:

    On-topic Comment: I can’t wait to see that film.
    Off-topic Comment: Holy cow, did you watch Smallville last night? Kuh-razy, man. A reminder of why I have kept watching the show. Man oh man.

  2. Rick says:

    On-topic – there’s an on-demand vignette on SPEED that I just watched in HD. Going to be this summers Transformers, I think – fun and mindless.
    Off-topic – it was a rerun wasn’t it? Saw it a few weeks ago, waiting for next new episode.

  3. TeacherDave says:

    DUDE–this past Thursday was the first new episode back and it was MAJOR.
    [Lex is enraged when he finds out that Lionel hid the other Veritas key from him, so he PUSHES LIONEL OUT HIS LUTHORCORP OFFICE WINDOW! Lionel Luthor is DEAD! And Clark and the gang find out Lex is the killer when Jimmy unwittingly captures the act on film. However, the picture is deleted by Lex’s female assistant (who shoots Lois in the shoulder and locks she and Jimmy in a freezer, necessitating a Clark rescue). Lex’s assistant not only figures out Lex killed his father, but she also makes her feelings for Lex clear, and ends up getting murdered by Lex’s henchman. What Lex doesn’t realize is that right before his hired gun kills her, the assistant found out that Clark was the Traveler. The whole episode was outstanding, including Lex metaphorically killing “Alexander” by throwing him into the fireplace. Possibly one of the top five episodes of the SERIES, let alone the season.]

  4. Rick says:

    I found out after – it wasn’t on DVR. Kicking myself. Dang.

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