I’ve got a stickynote on my cubicle wall that has something jotted down, something I evidently didn’t want to forget. I heard it somewhere, some sermon or podcast that was tweaking me in the middle of my day, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t let it pass.

(1) Growing in relationship w/ God as He really is
(2) Take every other relationship in your day seriously

That’s it. That’s what I wrote down. I didn’t date it, and I didn’t put a reference. I honestly don’t think it was an original thought, that I got it from somewhere outside the mess that is my mind-full-o’-mush. My feelings today as I pondered over these two points centered on maturity, on being with people for real and not keeping the mask or facade we normally take around with us. We try to mask ourselves from God more than I think we’d admit, and we definitely do it in hiding from each other.


2 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Adele says:

    Masks require patience and thought to keep going. Those of us who never got around to connecting brain and mouth don’t worry about such things, we simply learn to duck. šŸ˜‰

  2. Rick says:

    Ha! Great comment.

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