Knocking on the Door of the Upper Room

I’ve added a devotional site to my links bar, The Upper Room (I think I saw it on a link from George‘s church). In my pursuit of whatever this Christian life is supposed to look like in me, I’ve slacked on being intentional about study, about using and prescribed and planned sites or lists. But this website gives a twist that I’ve enjoyed, something I’ve looked forward to discovering new each morning.


The entries each day appear to be written by "real people" – real in the sense that it’s not the same voice each time, not the same perspective. But somehow the mix of viewpoints written by folks from across the Christian spectrum has been good for me. And not only that mix of voices, but the mix of things being said. There’s different topics, different points being made, that often go deeper and in new directions for me.

That’s something I think is missing from what we often think of "spiritual growth". We need to stretch ourselves, and somehow be in position and in the proper frame of mind to stretch others. I find that the more I think I’m growing in Christ, the more I see others around me also growing in Christ. And I don’t think it’s me, as much as it’s the "us" that is growing together through our own varied perspectives and voices, just like this devotional site.


One thought on “Knocking on the Door of the Upper Room

  1. Martha Moultrie Gerrick says:

    I love the Upper Room!! My mom used to get that. It is wonderful to read.

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