Why the Bible?

"The Bible is there to enable God’s people to be equipped to do God’s work in God’s world, not to give them an excuse to sit back smugly, knowing they possess all God’s truth." – Bishop N.T. Wright

Img_3168_2 Sitting here at the kitchen table this morning with a laptop and morning coffee in front of me, the laundry running behind me – I’m struck by the simplicity and directness of the quote above. I can read it in the vein of Julie’s post that I linked yesterday, where we are tired of people claiming that those who disagree "reject the Bible". Or this morning, it strikes me that I need to see the Bible like this: enabling and equipping me to do more than "sit back smugly" – which I am prone to do when I think I’m right and others are wrong and missing the point.

Much like reading the Bible, it’s got at least two nuances for me this morning. Both are legitimate, both equally compelling, both demanding attention. Where I think we lose our way is thinking that the Bible is "absolute truth absolutely", "this-way-or-the-highway", "there’s only one way to see this". There’s more fluidity here, more nuance and subtlety, more surprise, more wrestle-worthy material than many times we are led to believe.

It’s been a slow-moving morning, and I can feel the pollen working its way into my sinuses. Oh joy. I snapped the photo above this morning, shot downhill from the driveway to the lower part of our front yard, then playing a bit with the focus to see what comes out. I’m excited for Spring, glad to see some color, looking forward to a little yardwork in the coming weeks to bring our landscape back to something resembling green. I’ve got to shower and dress for church, and plan on taking my camera along to capture my imagination and see what else God wants to impress upon my life.

[ht: Moved Mountains]


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