A Bit More “Thumpin'”

"When other front-runners do God-talk their remarks typically parrot the sentiments of their pastors, handlers or focus groups. The junior senator from Illinois, by contrast, has thought originally about the role of belief in his life and that of the nation. His willingness to tackle theological questions in a reasoned and even detached manner is rivaled among politicians only by Al Gore. The difference is that  Obama is edgy. Al Gore is not."

– p. 103, Thumpin’ It, Jacques Berlinerblau

I just wanted to agree that no, Al Gore is not edgy.


One thought on “A Bit More “Thumpin'”

  1. George says:

    I don’t know, man. Al Gore was in several episodes of Futurama, one of the awesomest animated serieses of all times! That’s a bit edgy. Plus, he’s done some funny stuff on SNL AND he won an Oscar. But, hey, I bought an autographed copy of “Earth in the Ballance” way back in 1991 or 92, so I may not be totally unbiased. And I agree that he does seem like a bit of a wet blanket.

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