March Forth

Just a thought heading into the March 4th primaries:


[Editor: sorry, but I stole the "March Forth"/"March Fourth" from someone’s blog tonight, but I don’t remember whose. I’m not that smart.]


14 thoughts on “March Forth

  1. Josh(ua) says:

    What was the concept for this ad? Accession?

  2. Josh(ua) says:

    Nope… That should have said ascension.

  3. Rick says:

    It was the top banner of one of his pages I was clicking through. Concept? Not sure, but I think he looks a bit like Wil Smith coming out of the desert heat with Jeff Goldblum at the end of Independence Day in that shot above. Maybe its the ears.

  4. Lee says:

    I’ve been trying to convince some of my Christian friends that I haven’t abandoned the faith just because I’m supporting Obama now.

  5. Rick says:

    Hi, Lee – yeah, it’s something different when the best candidate for all the conservatives is someone who’s ranking as the most liberal candidate out there. Maybe it blows up our labels in the first place?

  6. Nathan says:

    I don’t have a problem with Christians voting for Obama. But in no way, shape, or form is he “the best candidate for all the conservatives…” (especially those of us concerned about the makeup of the Supreme Court and the abortion issue.) I get that Obama is inspirational, but what policies does he stand for? Universal healthcare, abortion rights, pulling out of Iraq, etc. I can’t ignore his views just because I like his speeches or like him as a person.
    Just my two cents as a Christian conservative.
    I’m really interested to hear why other people with my world view (Christian and conservative) are supporting Obama? Please educate me!
    (By the way, I’m not trying to stir up trouble on your blog. I found it through a list of Seacoast blogs and I’ve been reading ever since. Keep up the good work!)

  7. Rick says:

    The first one that’s the big one for me is the abortion issue. He’s pro-choice – but my problem is that the pro-life side of the aisle doesn’t do anything to really stem the tide. How much of that is empty rhetoric? Would someone with a better health plan, education, fighting poverty – how would those things impact the real numbers of aborted lives? “Sanctity of life” means more than just abortion and should encompass, in my thinking all those other social economic ideals as well.
    What I like most about him is that he doesn’t appear to be talking down to the voter. It’s from the statement in this post, not just about him making a change, but about believing that I can make a change. Most of the other rhetoric from the campaign is fear-mongering and divisive, and this is the first time, so far, that I don’t feel like I’m picking evil, even if it’s the lesser of two, you know?

  8. Nathan says:

    Okay, fair enough. I actually agree with you on the way Obama relates to voters. He is refreshing. But I totally disagree with you on the abortion issue. The pro-life side could stem the tide in upcoming years more than it has in the last 30. Several states have anti-abortion legislation and cases coming up. And the Supreme Court is crucial to overturning portions of Roe v. Wade. For the first time in a long time there’s a real chance of that happening. But it would probably take 1 or 2 more solid conservative judges. We ain’t gonna get that with Obama. We’ll be back to the situation we were in during the 90s: no chance of overturning Roe v. Wade. Ever.

  9. Rick says:

    Not disagreeing with you so much as looking at it from a different side, at least the way I’m thinking. There’s more than legislative going on, more than law needed, to really make it go away. At the same time, are we doing something to make life better for all people, born and unborn? That’s what I’m looking forward to, I think. So much of the Republican rhetoric just sounds like words, so even what you’re talking about might not be feasible while working against a partisan Legislative branch.
    Anyway, that’s one issue – a huge one to be sure, but there are more sides to a “moral choice” than just that one.

  10. Nathan says:

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. True, there is more needed to promote the pro-life movement than just legislation, but that’s by far the most important front in the fight to limit the number of abortions in this country. And there’s no question that the courts would move further left (and more pro-choice) under an Obama administration.
    My comments make it sound like a one-issue voter. I’m not at all. I actually disagree with Obama on a whole host of issues that I think are important! I’m just trying to understand the mindset of other Christian voters with different views than me. Again, I don’t have a problem with Christians who vote for Obama. But I think it’s more intellectually honest to say, “I like Obama the most as a person/leader. Therefore, I’m voting for him…despite my disagreements with him on some issues, such as abortion.”
    By the way, this issue is one of about three “deal breaker” issues for me with Obama. The other two are 1) immediately pulling the troops out of Iraq and 2) universal healthcare. First, I think Obama’s Iraq strategy would be disastrous for America (I could be wrong, but what I THINK will happen is that terrorists will take over the country just as we’re on the verge of real victory there). Second, after living in two other countries with universal healthcare, I KNOW his healthcare plan would be a disaster (Hillary’s too, for that matter). I have tons of stories I could share (I’ll spare you) on the “joys” of universal healthcare.
    Anyway, I’m very sorry for rambling. And I’m sorry if I offended anybody in anyway. That was not my intention. Thank you for this forum. I appreciate your opinions and the work you do on this site. God bless.

  11. Rick says:

    No worries, Nathan – I appreciate that there’s a discussion at all. I’ve got a problem with statements like “by far the most important front”, because I think the heart issue will need to be bigger than the law, just like the Bible. And “there’s no question that the courts would move further left”, when no one knows if any of the current justices will step down in the next four to eight years or not, and then probably only one if it’s an actual retirement. If it’s Stevens (the oldest member), he’s considered to be on the liberal end, so any change at worse would be nit-nit, right? “You can’t legislate morality” means to me that we can pass legislation, but we can’t make people moral, so I think we can and should creatively find ways to promote real sanctity of life mentality on this issue, on stem cells, on poverty, on the economy and housing, on immigration, etc.
    So I’ll say it this way, that I will probably vote for Obama because I feel he has a better handle on what it means to lead and inspire, as you’ve stated. But I also see that from his proposals, with all their faults and plusses, that he has a greater overall concern for people without dipping to a rhetoric of fear to motivate. I appreciate that in politicians just like I appreciate it in preachers 🙂
    The only other thing that makes me red flag in conversations like this is that there are intelligent people on both sides who are making intelligent choices with their own filters. One choice isn’t necessarily better than another, in that regard. On many levels, I think he’s the most forward looking of them all, and the others are more backward-facing, especially on that fear thing. But I appreciate that you’ve also thought out your responses – more than agree to disagree, I agree that you might have a handle on things I’m not so sure of. But know that I’ll withhold my vote rather than casting for the lesser of two evils, and Obama is the only positive I see in this cycle’s races.

  12. Nathan says:

    Great discussion. Thanks, Rick.
    Let me clarify what I meant by “by far the most important front.” What I mean is that there have been thousands of pro-life Christians praying for changed hearts, earnestly trying to sway public opinion about abortion. Those efforts have made some headway. More than half of the US population is actually against abortion. But those efforts have done virtually nothing to stem the tide of abortion. In fact, abortions are easier to obtain than ever before, later in pregnancy, easier for teens, over the counter, you name it. Why have the demands of the pro-abortion lobby far outweighed the pro-choice lobby? Simple: judges. You may still disagree with my opinion, but to me it’s clear that the real battle is in the courts.
    As far as justices stepping down, I think it’s very plausible that three judges will retire in the next 4-8 years: Stevens, Kennedy, and Ginsburg. All three are on the wrong side of Roe v. Wade (in my opinion). So there’s a GREAT chance of overturning in in the next decade…WITH the appointment of conservative judges. If liberal judges are appointed to the Court the status quo will remain.
    “You can’t legislate morality.” True. Laws don’t make people act morally. Bur our moral code IS based on morality. And outlawing practices defined as “immoral” is perfectly logical. Take slavery, for example. Why was it made illegal? Because the consensus became that it was morally reprehensible, so it was made illegal. My hope is that abortion, one day, will suffer the same fate.
    I’d love to dig into the rest of your comment because it’s very insightful, but I have to pack for Nicaragua! My wife and I are missionaries and we’re leaving tomorrow! I’ll just close with what I’ve said before. I agree that Obama is an inspirational leader. I’ll even say that McCain is a decidedly UNinspiring leader (and I don’t particularly like him). But on three of the big issues that are important to me – Iraq, healthcare, and abortion – I find myself completely opposed to Obama’s views on all three. Therefore, I will hold my nose and vote for McCain! lol
    Again, thanks for the discussion. God bless.

  13. Rick says:

    Have fun in Nicaragua – be careful of the water :), and may God bless you both as you go forth yourselves.

  14. Nathan says:

    Thank you!
    If you or anyone else is interested in following our adventure in missions, feel free to stop by are blog or email me to get on our monthly e-newsletter.
    Que Dios le bendiga (God bless you).

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