How do I really grow?

I’m a young single mother, in my mid-20s with a six-year-old and a three-year-old, working at the diner, pretending that helps make ends meet. My parents help out alot, my former in-laws not so much. My husband died in Iraq, and the government promises more than I’m seeing. I know things will be okay, and I try to get past my resentment when it wells up, but it’s hard. How can I grow spiritually, and how would that help me in my world right now?

I’m a retired mill worker – retired because they shut the plant down and I didn’t want to move or retrain. It was a nice enough severance package, but it means my budgeting and saving needs to be a whole new level. I could’ve done better, but I’m okay, I guess. The kids are in other states, but the call and visit frequently enough. I love the grandkids coming, seeing them smile and bounce off the walls. Img_2624Their grandma would’ve been so proud. Here at this late stage in what I have left to live, I want to make sure I’m growing for myself and for passing down to them something of the faith their grandma had. How do I really find a path for growing spiritually?

I’m a successful businesswoman, clearing six figures in the financial sector, taking care of my parents in our big downtown area home. I have friends, I’ve been divorced twice, and I wouldn’t change a thing right now. I enjoy my work, and then when I’m not working, I enjoy time at the lake, a little travel to the northeast, and an occasional night on the town. I think I’ve got it pretty good – why do I need to grow spiritually?

I’m a thirty-year-old middle-class white-collar father of two-point-five kids living in the suburbs, where my mortgage is eating me alive and the neighbors talk about each other’s azaleas over the back fence. We both work all day, every weekday, to maintain the level to which we’ve grown accustomed to living. The kids are just getting involved in sports and stuff, taking up some of the evening time, too. I make time for church, maybe for reading my Bible, maybe praying before bedtime and some on the way to work. I want my wife and kids to have some meaningful spiritual experience in their lives, and I want that for myself as well. But is it happening? I’m not sure. What would help me grow? What’s holding us back?


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